About us


VETBOT is the world leader in manufacturing professional furniture for veterinary facilities and furniture for keeping of laboratory animals.

VETBOT veterinary tables are made of high-quality materials that meet all world requirements. We manufacture surgical, examination, dental tables and tables for cardiac ultrasonography procedures for veterinary purposes. Cages for veterinary hospitals made by VETBOT are a sample of quality and convenience for keeping animals. All cages are made of stainless steel with the addition of elements made of special plastic that can be disinfected.

One of VETBOT priorities is the production of cages for keeping of laboratory animals. The unique cage locking system developed by our company allows scientific staff to take out and put laboratory animals in their cages with at most convenience.

We manufacture laboratory cages for rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, mice and guinea pigs. All cages for laboratory animals are made of ASI 304 stainless steel with the addition of elements made of special plastic that allows treating them with any disinfectant; it also makes the cages for keeping animals durable compared to other similar ones.

VETBOT works with leading research and development institutes, more than 1500 veterinary clinics and animal disease control stations, zoos, higher and secondary educational institutions throughout Russia and CIS countries and exports to France and other EU countries.

We are interested in new customers and are ready to improve the business processes of our customers by means of high-quality veterinary equipment and furniture. In addition, VETBOT actively cooperates with dealers and trading companies and has a dealership pricing policy. We will be happy to see you among our customers!

Sincerely yours, VETBOT.